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Money Transfer

International Money Transfer


Transfer money around the world*

Whether you’re looking to transfer money for personal or business needs, for your family back home, for your children's education or for investment or savings purposes, HSBC International Money Transfer is a safe, convenient and hassle-free way to make a payment.

The advantages that make life easier

Enjoy convenience and peace of mind when you use HSBC Money Transfer for international transactions.

Benefits to accommodate your needs:

  • Exchange Rate Certainty
    Make your payment or transfer in the currency of the beneficiary account and benefit from our exchange rate. If you choose to send your payment in EGP, the exact converted amount will be subject to the exchange rate applicable by the recipient’s bank.
  • Global Connectivity
    Send money to over 150 countries in up to 17 different currencies with personal assistance from our team, either online, at your local branch or over the phone.
  • Online fee discount
    Transfer online and save on the transactional fee when transferring money outside Egypt.

Other types of transfers


Domestic Money TransferTransfer money within Egypt



Global View and Global Transfers

Global View and Global TransfersTransfer funds between your personal
HSBC accounts globally

Global View and Global Transfers


For the General Bank terms and conditions, please click here.

For the Bank tariff of charges, please click here.

* For transfers to your personal HSBC accounts around the world, please refer to Global View and Global Transfers.
** Subject to local regulations
You agree that we, or any other member of the HSBC Group, may take whatever action we consider appropriate to meet any obligations, either in that Country or elsewhere in the world, relating to the prevention of fraud, money laundering and terrorist activity and the provision of financial and other services to persons who may be subject to sanctions. This may include, but is not limited to, investigating and intercepting payments into and out of your account (particularly in the case of international transfer of funds) or investigating the source of or intended recipient of funds. It may also include making enquires to establish whether a person is subject to sanctions. Exceptionally, this may delay the carrying out of your instructions or the receipt of cleared fund, but where possible, we will advise you of the reasons for and likely length of any delay. You agree that neither we, nor any other member of the HSBC Group, shall be responsible to you or any third party for any loss incurred as a result of us or any other member of the HSBC Group, shall be responsible to you or any third party for any loss incurred as a result of us or any other member of the HSBC Group taking the actions set out in this paragraph.

HSBC Bank Egypt S.A.E (the "Bank") is required to act in accordance with the laws and regulations operating in various countries around the world relating to international sanctions. Under these sanctions requirements, the Bank is prohibited from engaging in certain transactions. The Bank would only process transactions that are in compliance with applicable sanctions

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