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How to log on to the instructions page

  1. Log on to your online banking account.
  2. Select Contact Centre from the left navigation.
  3. Select the Send Message option.
  4. Select Money Market Fund Redemption from drop-down menu.

Please consider the following guidelines when posting your Money Market Fund redemption request:

Requests should be submitted between 8.30am and 12.00pm CLT (Cairo local time), except during the holy month of Ramadan requests should be submitted between 9.30am and 11.30am CLT

Requests submitted before or after the mentioned time frame will be cancelled and a new request must be submitted the following working day during the specified time

Requests should be submitted during official working days (weekends or official holidays are excluded)

In case of redeeming existing units, sufficient value should be available in the Money Market Fund account

Requests should clearly mention the credit account for redemption transaction

Redemption requests must be in number of units. The equivalent amount will be credited to your EGP account

Redemption requests should be made through your EGP account only (crediting foreign currency is not applicable)

Third party transactions are not allowed

Your request to transfer units between Money Market accounts (MMI accounts) are not allowed

Money Market Fund updated prices may be obtained from the fund's web page on Bloomberg after 8.30am CLT (9:30am during Ramadan) through the following web link: by calling 19007 (within Egypt) or (202) 3 535 9100 (from outside Egypt)

Kindly be advised that the bank will not process your request if it is not aligned with the above mentioned guidelines and it will be cancelled. Hence a new valid request will be required.
Terms and conditions shall apply.

HSBC Bank Egypt S.A.E.