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HSBC Credit Cards 0% Flexible Instalment Plan with Terms and Conditions

For inquiries regarding your flexible instalment plan request, please contact or Call 16358
  • you can repay your eligible purchase carried using your HSBC Credit Card at by fixed monthly instalments over a pre-determined period of 12 months and enjoy a 0% interest rate
  • minimum transaction amount carried at that can be placed on the 0% Flexible Instalment Plan is EGP 1000
  • when you choose to pay  an eligible transaction carried on using HSBC Credit Card, you will be given the option to select the 0% Flexi Instalment Plan prior to check out where based on your choice, the transaction will be converted to the plan within 7 working days
  • there is no maximum to the number of Flexi Instalment plans requested as long as they are within your credit card limit
  • these terms apply to you when you request to convert your purchase transaction from to the 0% Flexible Installment Plan and accept the terms & conditions displayed on before check out  or by benefiting from the Flexi Instalment Plan (your use of the Flexi Instalment Plan is deemed acceptance of these terms and conditions). By accepting these terms and conditions you also agree to the Schedule of Services & Tariffs (as amended from time to time) which is available on HSBC website These terms and conditions apply to you in addition to your HSBC Credit Card terms and conditions
  • when you choose to convert your transaction to the HSBC Flexible Instalment Plan, the plan details will be displayed to you on noon website including the monthly instalment amount, the number of instalments payable and any applicable fees and charges – if any. These details will also be set out on your first statement following your successful application

    The monthly instalment will form part of your minimum monthly repayment amount. If you pay the amount each month reflecting on your statement as the “total balance”, this may cover future instalments and potentially cancel your HSBC Flexi Instalment Plan. Therefore, please pay the amount appearing as ‘balance less loan outstanding’ at the bottom of the transactions on your statement
  • any HSBC credit cardholder (primary or supplementary) can request to place the purchase transaction from on an HSBC Flexi Instalment Plan as long as the credit cardholder performing the transaction accepted terms and conditions posted on Please note that the primary credit cardholder is responsible for all use of the credit card carried by the supplementary cardholder and is liable to pay the entire balance on both cards (whether cards share same limit or have separate limits)
  • no processing fee applies to HSBC Flexi Installment Plans. For updated fees and charges, please refer to the Schedule of Services & Tariffs (as amended from time to time) available on HSBC website
  • any amount included in your HSBC Flexi Instalment Plan is included within, not in addition to, your credit limit. Your credit limit will be restored as each instalment is made
  • Payments by you into the credit card will only take effect when received by HSBC in cleared funds. Payments received by you are applied to pay off (i) the minimum payment shown on your statement of accounts (which would include HSBC Flexi Installment Plan outstanding balance), (ii) then the remaining balance on your statement of accounts and (iii) then items not yet included in your statement of accounts

    HSBC applies your payment to categories of balance in the following order from highest interest to lowest interest plan after clearing the minimum repayment amount;

• Fee and charges

• Finance charge/interest

• Outstanding principal balance (compromising of different categories of balance e.g. cash advance, retail  purchases etc... from highest interest to lowest interest plan)

Please note that any excess payments will not be off-set against unbilled future instalments

  • the HSBC Flexi Instalment Plan (whether or not this has been billed) will be deducted from your available credit limit. This means that at any time during the term of plan your available credit limit must be enough to cover the outstanding instalment amount
  • if you fail to pay the minimum amount by the due date in two successive months at any point during the term of the HSBC Flexi Instalment Plan, the entire Flexi Instalment Plan outstanding balance will become due in the following month’s card statement. Moreover, the entire Flexi Instalment Plan outstanding balance at that time will be converted and treated and priced like a retail purchase and cannot be converted back to Flexi Instalment Plan balance

    Interest will also be calculated based on your average daily balance. You will be also be charged in case of delay a late payment fee as set out in our Schedule of Services & Tariffs. Please refer to the HSBC Egypt Credit Cards Terms and Conditions available on the HSBC website to know more about how the minimum amount due is calculated
  • refunded transactions do not cancel the Flexi Instalment Plan. You can request to cancel the plan by calling the number(s) at the back of your credit card and making the full payment towards your Flexi Instalment Plan outstanding balance. You must call HSBC within 3 working days of making the full repayment. If you don’t call HSBC within this time, your payment will remain as a credit balance on your credit card account and you will continue to be billed the instalment amount each month until the end of your Flexi Instalment Plan term. You must call HSBC and make the full payment towards your Flexi Instalment Plan outstanding balance at least 7 days before your next billing cycle (statement closing date) to ensure you are not billed the instalment in that billing cycle statement. It is not possible to partially pre-pay the Flexible installment plan. You need to pay off the entire Flexi Instalment Plan outstanding amount if you wish to settle the Flexi Instalment Plan
  • if you wish to cancel the Flexi plan without re-paying the entire Flexi Instalment Plan outstanding balance, you must call HSBC at least 7 days before your next billing cycle (statement closing date) to ensure you are not billed the instalment in that billing cycle statement
  • HSBC will cancel the Flexi Instalment Plan, and treat your purchase amount as part of your normal credit limit and charge you interest, fees and apply minimum repayment amounts from the day of cancellation as if the Flexi Instalment Plan did not apply
  • HSBC do not accept any responsibility for the goods or services you purchased under the instalment plan and any dispute about them should be resolved by you directly with the merchant. No claim by you against the merchant, nor a return or discontinuation of the goods or services will relieve you from your obligation to repay the monthly instalments to HSBC. The merchant does not have the authority to bind HSBC or any member of the HSBC Group and HSBC will not be liable for any statement made by them to you before or after your application for the HSBC Flexi Instalment Plan
  • The sum of all outstanding instalments will be immediately due and payable in case your credit card is cancelled
  • the Bank might vary these terms and conditions, but if we do so we will give you 30 days’ notice in a manner which is reasonable. The latest version of the terms and conditions will be available on our website 
  • any dispute HSBC may have under these terms and conditions will be governed in all respects by the Egyptian law. All claims & disputes relating to this offer terms shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent Arab Republic of Egypt courts


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