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Travel Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the insurer?

The travel insurance is offered and underwritten by AIG Egypt Insurance Company and under its full responsibility. The policy is subject to the terms and conditions of AIG Egypt Insurance Company. HSBC Bank Egypt acts as an introducer of the AIG product but is not a party to the insurance relationship between the policy holder and the insurance company.

Who are the eligible family members for the certificate?

The eligible family members are the spouse and the children.

Who are the eligible children?

The eligible children are the unmarried dependent children, including the adopted and stepchildren of the insured person between the ages of 6 months and 18 years (or 23 years if attending an accredited institution of higher learning as a full-time student), who permanently reside with the insured person, and receive the majority of maintenance and support from the insured person.

What do you mean by immediate family member?

Immediate family members are the family members entitled to a compassionate visit. They are the insured person's legal spouse, siblings and siblings-in-law, parents, and parents-in-law, legal guardian, ward or step-parents who reside in Egypt.

What is a compassionate visit?

In case the insured person is hospitalised for more than five days (during the trip) and they took it alone, the insurance company will pay the insured person (subject to any excess) up to the sum insured stated in the certificate for the cost of a hotel room and round-trip economy airfare to bring an immediate family member to and from the country of hospitalisation.

Can a customer be insured if they bought the ticket with a supplementary Premier credit card?

Whatever the card type, ie primary or supplementary, the insured will enjoy the travel insurance coverage when they buy 100 per cent of the airline ticket with their Premier credit card.

In a/m case what is the coverage limits?

The coverage limits depend on the age of the insured as stated in the certificate.

What does 100 per cent of the airline ticket mean?

It means that the insured must buy the ticket with their Premier credit card without any special deductions or free/agent discount from the ticket prize, unless the deduction or discount came from a general promotion (offer) from the airline company.

When is the 65-year age limit applicable?

The 65-year age limit is applicable at the time of the trip and not at the time of applying for the certificate.


This insurance product is underwritten by AIG Egypt Insurance Company and under its full responsibility, with no responsibility on the part of HSBC Bank Egypt.

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