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SMS Alerts Terms and Conditions

The use of SMS Alert Service made available by HSBC Bank Egypt S.A.E. to its customers shall at all times be governed by the following Terms & Conditions. In these Terms & Conditions the reference to "we" or "us" shall mean HSBC Bank Egypt S.A.E. and the reference to "you" shall mean the customer.

Please read these Terms and Conditions before using these services, and in case of any inquiries please contact your nearest HSBC branch or call Customer Services on 19007

Defined Terms:

"Account(s)" means account(s) you have with HSBC Bank Egypt S.A.E. operable through its branches in Egypt.

"Account Holder" means a person who has entered into a contract with HSBC Bank Egypt S.A.E. and has an Account in his / her own name or a joint Account in respect of which HSBC Bank Egypt S.A.E. may act on the instructions of any one or more of the joint account holders.

"EGP" means Egyptian Pound.

"HSBC" also referred to as "the Bank" means HSBC Bank Egypt S.A.E, 306, Corniche El Nil Street, Maadi, Cairo, Egypt, operating through its branches in Egypt.

"HSBC Call Center" means: HSBC Phone Banking Service, available 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week

  • Call Center: 19007
  • Premier Centre hotline number: In Egypt, 0800-PREMIER and overseas, (202) 27381743

"online banking Service" means the service that HSBC makes available through the Internet network to its customers to enable the electronic receipt and transmission of information and Instructions in relation to their Account.

"Primary Account" means first account opened by the customer with HSBC Bank Egypt.

"SMS" means: Short Message Service

"SMS Alert Service" means delivering SMS notifications for account and/or credit card transactions in real time to HSBC Bank Egypt customers local mobile phone number.

"Terms" mean these terms and conditions, which could be amended from time to time.

The Terms and Conditions:

We will from time to time determine or specify at our discretion the scope and features of the SMS Alert Service, introduce a new fees or charges and are entitled to modify, expand or reduce the same.

We reserve the right at all times to vary or amend the forgoing Terms & Conditions or to introduce new Terms & Conditions. Any such variations or amendments shall become effective and binding on you upon notification by us to you by a method as HSBC Bank Egypt S.A.E. shall decide.

SMS alert will be sent to you based on a minimum transaction threshold defined by the bank for each product that might be changed at bank's discretion. SMS alert will be sent to you only in English language.

The SMS Alert Service may, without prior notice, be suspended or terminated by us for any reason whatsoever, including, without limitation, invalid data, closure of related account(s), breakdown, maintenance, modification, expansion and/or enhancement work caused or initiated by the telecommunications company (s) concerned in relation to their network or by any service provider in respect of the SMS Alert Service. We will not assume any liability or responsibility for any such suspension or termination.

The SMS Alert Service may be terminated at any time upon your request to the bank via online banking Account or by calling HSBC Call Center 19007 available 24/7. Any such termination shall be effective within [2] working days of receipt of the termination notice by us.

Any information received under the SMS Alert Service is for information only, and shall not be taken as conclusive evidence of the matter to which it relates. The Bank should be notified by the customer of any changes to information provided to the Bank related to or for the purposes of the SMS Alert Service including the details of the Customer's designated mobile phone number and the telecommunications employer providing or servicing it.

You have to report immediately to HSBC local call center any transaction that was not performed, and/or authorized by him/her. In addition, you shall promptly inform us of any loss or theft of your mobile phone number by calling HSBC Call Center, 24/7. We shall not be liable for any loss or claim resulting from the relaying of any information pursuant to the SMS Alert Service to the designated mobile phone number prior to receipt of any notification of loss or theft.

Following receipt of notification of loss or theft, you shall have no further liability provided that you have acted in good faith and all reasonable care and diligence in safeguarding the designated mobile phone number and in promptly reporting its loss or theft to us.

We shall not assume any liability or responsibility for any failure or delay in transmitting information to you or any error in such information. In particular, we shall not assume any liability or responsibility for the consequences arising from any cause beyond our reasonable control including, without limitation, failure of your telecommunications equipment to receive information for whatever reason, any telecommunications breakdown, mechanical failure, path failure, malfunction, breakdown, interruption or accuracy of equipment or installation. None of the telecommunications companies designated by us are our agents or our representatives and there is no co-operation, partnership, joint venture or other relationship between us and any of them.

You undertake to indemnify and hold us harmless against all actions, claims, demands, liabilities, losses, damages, costs and expenses of whatever nature that may result or which we may sustain, suffer or incur as a result of our agreeing to provide the SMS Alert Service to you.

We shall not be liable for any losses or damage caused

(a) by the disclosure of confidential information;

(b) by the disclosure of information to the designated mobile phone number where such designated mobile phone is in another person’s possession with your consent;


(c) to your data, designated mobile phone, telecommunications equipment or other equipment, in each case caused by your use of the SMS Alert Service.

Any notice from us to you may be made in such manner and by such means of communication as we shall deem fit, including, without limitation, use of direct mailing material, advertisement, branch display, electronic communications such as email or via the SMS Alert Service. Any notice from you to us shall be in writing and to be delivered to any of our branches or through your online banking Account or by contacting HSBC Call Center unless otherwise indicated in these Terms & Conditions.

The bank will debit the annual subscription fee of the SMS Alert service for banking account transactions from your primary personal account with the bank on the date of subscription.

The cost of Roaming Service for SMS messages to your mobile phone number outside Egypt will be charged to you by your local mobile operator according to its tariff without the bank interference. All customers receiving SMS services should ensure that their mobiles are having the roaming service to be able to receive the services while they are abroad.

You irrevocably authorize us to:

(a) Disclose or share any information, details or data (at our discretion and for any purpose whatsoever) about you to any other member or associate member within the HSBC Group; and

(b) Transfer or subcontract the provision of any part of the SMS Alert Services provided to you by us to any member of the HSBC Group in any territory.

Important Information for Credit Cardholders:

The credit and debit cardholders will be automatically enrolled in the SMS Alert service free of charge. Enrolling in the SMS Alert service will result in providing the services to all credit cards owned by Primary and Supplementary cardholders.

Each Primary and Supplementary cardholders will receive SMS related to each card usage on their own mobiles numbers available in the bank records.

The primary cardholder only has the right to opt out the SMS Alert Service at any point of time by calling HSBC Call Center. And such request shall be effective within [2] working days.

The requests for opting out by the primary cardholder will result in termination of the services to all credit cards related to him/her including the Supplementary cards.

The SMS alert service will be available only to the cardholders who are maintaining local mobile lines. International Mobile lines will not be accommodated.

SMS alert will be sent to the cardholder based on a minimum transaction threshold defined by the bank for each credit card product that might be changed at bank's discretion.

The Egyptian law shall govern the above Terms and Conditions. Any dispute arising as per to the interpretation or execution of it shall be submitted to South Cairo Court.

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