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Text alerts

Stay in control of your accounts with our free SMS alert service

Monitor your bank transactions instantly

SMS alert service from HSBC Bank Egypt will enable you to closely and securely monitor your bank transactions by instantly receiving a text message on your local mobile phone informing you of account and card transactions in real time.

What alerts can you set up?

SMS alerts for account holders

If you are an HSBC Bank Egypt account holder, you can register by calling us on 19007 or by filling in an application at any of our branches. Once you've registered, you can subscribe online for each of your accounts.

SMS alerts for account holders include:

  • deposit & withdrawal fund alert: a message will be sent to you every time funds are deposited to or withdrawn from your account above the threshold amount of EGP 500
  • time deposit maturity notification: a message will be sent to you prior to the maturity of your time deposit

SMS alerts for credit and debit cardholders

Credit and debit cardholders will be automatically registered for SMS alerts. If you are a primary or supplementary cardholder and you're not receiving SMS alerts, please call us on 19007 within Egypt or +202 35359100 from outside Egypt to update us with your mobile phone number. Alternatively, if you wish to opt out of SMS alerts you can also contact our team on the above numbers.

SMS alerts for primary and supplementary cardholders include:

  • transaction alert: a message will be sent to you every time a transaction above the predefined threshold amount occurs on your credit card, whether at point of sale or cash advance

Call us

Contact us by phone every day from 9am to 11pm.

Tel: 19007 (within Egypt)

Tel: +202 3535 9100 (outside Egypt)

Visit a branch

Visit your nearest branch to fill in an application.

Frequently asked questions

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