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Mobile wallets Frequently Asked Questions

Table of contents:

What is a mobile wallet?

The mobile wallet is a mobile application that is issued through service providers (banks and telecom companies), where customers can use it to transfer money, pay bills, purchase online and more.

All mobile wallets in Egypt are issued under Meeza network.

What is the new key feature?

The new key feature allows money transfers through online banking to any mobile wallet within Egypt for HSBC online banking registered customers.

Does HSBC Egypt maintain a mobile wallet?

HSBC Egypt does not maintain a mobile wallet.

What's the difference between the mobile wallet and the mobile banking application?

The mobile banking application is for bank customers only where they can use it to manage their personal bank accounts.

The mobile wallet is an electronic account that customers can register for with their national ID and mobile number through one of the service providers (banks and telecom companies) to transfer to another wallet, pay bills, purchase online and more.

How can I transfer to a mobile wallet?

Similar to transfers done through online banking to any local bank in Egypt, Meeza digital wallets will be added in the "Bank name" list, then you will follow the below steps:

  • choose "transfer to other local banks in Egyptian Pound"
  • search for "Meeza Digital Wallets" in the Bank name field
  • account number will be the Wallet # (11 digits' mobile number)
  • payee name will be the wallet holder name
  • for the reason of transfer choose "Mobile Wallet Payment" from the menu

What are the fees of transferring to mobile wallets?

The same transfer fees for transfers done to any local bank in Egypt through online banking apply. For more details, please check our tariff and charges.

Is there a daily transfer limit?

The daily transfer limit is EGP 50,000/day.

What is the transfer cut-off time?

Similar to transfers done through online banking to any local bank in Egypt. For more details, visit our domestic transfers page.

Can I transfer foreign currency?

Transfers are done in Egyptian Pounds only.

How long will it take the transfer to reflect in the mobile wallet?

Similar to transfers done through online banking to any local bank in Egypt, if transfers are done before the cut-off time, the amount should be reflected to the mobile wallet same day (bank's transfers and general terms and conditions apply). If the transfer is done after the cut-off time, it will be reflected the next working day.

Is this service available in mobile banking?

This service is provided through online banking only.

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