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Domestic transfers

Enjoy free unlimited domestic EGP transfers within HSBC Egypt

Transfer money within Egypt quickly and securely

Whether you are looking to transfer money between your accounts, to a friend or family member, or to pay a bill, HSBC Domestic Money Transfer is a safe, convenient, and hassle-free way to make payments. Find out more about utility bill payments.

Benefits of domestic transfers with HSBC

  • Instantly transfer funds between HSBC accounts in Egypt

  • Preferential pricing for Premier customers

  • Free SMS alerts

    Activate SMS alerts through online banking to recieve texts any time a transaction over EGP 500 takes place.

  • Easily set up and schedule recurring transactions for future payments

  • Extra online security with HSBC Secure Key

    Your Secure Key generates a unique code for each transaction, giving you an extra level of protection when you make transfers online.

How to make a transfer

Online banking gives you the flexibility to transfer money easily, as well as set up future or regular payments to beneficiary accounts by saving your transfer instructions as a template for future use.

Through online banking you can:

  • move money between your personal accounts within HSBC Egypt
  • move money to third party accounts within HSBC Egypt
  • make transfers to other accounts in Egypt
  • make transfers to charity accounts

Once you're logged into online banking all you need to do is:

  1. Select 'move money'
  2. Choose the account you're transferring from
  3. Fill in the beneficiary, amount and purpose of transfer details
  4. Confirm your transfer

Not yet registered for online banking?

It only takes a few minutes to register for online banking and be able to make money transfers quickly and securely.

Things you should know

Transfers can be made in Eyptian pounds (EGP) in branches, via an ATM or using online and phone banking.

Domestic foreign currency transfers to other banks in Egypt can only be made from a non-EGP account, and the currency being transferred must be the same as the one being debited from the account. These transactions can only be made via online banking or in a branch.

Domestic foreign exchange transfers can be done in branch where the transfer currency is different from the debit account currency. For phone banking and ATMs, the debit account must be non-EGP, and the beneficiary account is in EGP.

Domestic Foreign Exchange Transfers debiting an EGP account can only be done in branch and are subject to our foreign exchange policy.

Before making a transfer using online or phone banking, at a branch or an ATM, you will need the following information:

  • your HSBC account number
  • beneficiary's full name, postal address and account number
  • beneficiary's banking information

    - International Bank Account Number (IBAN) or account number
    - The bank or the intermediary bank Sort / Swift / BIC code
    - Purpose of payment
    - Bank name and address

Note: If there are missing details in the transfer, we may attempt to contact you within 2 working days, otherwise the transfer will be subject to cancellation.

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