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International transfers

Manage your international transactions with ease

Transfer money around the world quickly and securely

Whether you need to transfer money overseas for personal needs, your family back home, your child's education or for investment and savings purposes, HSBC International Money Transfer is a safe, convenient and hassle-free way to make a payment.

Benefits of international transfers with HSBC

  • Global connectivity

    Send money to over 150 countries and regions in multiple currencies through our online banking or local branches.

  • Online fee discount

    Transfer online and save on the transactional fee when transferring money outside Egypt.

  • Extra online security with HSBC Secure Key

    When you transfer money using online banking, your Secure Key generates a unique security code for each transaction, giving you an extra level of protection. To help ensure that only you can access your account and payments, simply switch on your Secure Key and follow the easy instructions.

How to transfer

Transfer online

Online banking gives you the flexibility to transfer money easily, as well as set up future or regular payments to beneficiary accounts by saving your transfer instructions as a template for future use.

Once you're logged into online banking all you need to do is:

  1. Select 'move money' 
  2. Choose the account you're transferring from 
  3. Fill in the beneficiary, amount and purpose of transfer details
  4. Confirm your transfer

Not yet registered for online banking?

It only takes a few minutes to register for online banking and be able to make international money transfers quickly and securely.

Transfer in branch

You can also visit your local branch with valid personal identification to make an international money transfer from your account at HSBC.

Fees and charges

International telegraphic transfers

Account type Fee for online transfers Fee for in-branch transfers
Premier EGP 70
EGP 100 (excluding correspondent bank charges)
Advance 0.21% (MIN EGP 49 - MAX EGP 700) + EGP 70 cable charges
0.3% (MIN EGP 70 - MAX EGP 700) + EGP 140 cable charges
Personal 0.21% (MIN EGP 49 - MAX EGP 700) + EGP 70 cable charges
0.3% (MIN EGP 70 - MAX EGP 700) + EGP 140 cable charges

International telegraphic transfers

Account type Premier
Fee for online transfers EGP 70
Fee for in-branch transfers EGP 100 (excluding correspondent bank charges)
Account type Advance
Fee for online transfers 0.21% (MIN EGP 49 - MAX EGP 700) + EGP 70 cable charges
Fee for in-branch transfers 0.3% (MIN EGP 70 - MAX EGP 700) + EGP 140 cable charges
Account type Personal
Fee for online transfers 0.21% (MIN EGP 49 - MAX EGP 700) + EGP 70 cable charges
Fee for in-branch transfers 0.3% (MIN EGP 70 - MAX EGP 700) + EGP 140 cable charges

For foreign currency transfers, you will be charged an additional flat correspondent Bank fees of USD 25 if you choose to pay all fees and charges related to the transfer. This fee will be deducted upon processing the transfer. Cable charges are an additional flat fee charged for international transfers.

Things you should know

International foreign currency transfers can only be done via branches and online banking if debiting a non-EGP account and the transfer currency is the same as the debit account currency.

International foreign exchange transfers can be done through branches when the transfer currency is different from the non-EGP debit account currency.

International foreign exchange transfers debiting an EGP account can only be done through branches subject to the Bank’s foreign exchange policy.

Before making a payment, be sure to have the following at hand:

  • Your HSBC account number 
  • Beneficiary's full name, postal address and account number 
  • Beneficiary's banking information:
        - International Bank Account Number (IBAN) or account number
        - The bank or the intermediary bank Sort/Swift/BIC code
        - Purpose of payment
        - Bank name and address 

Please note: Payments will be routed overseas using this information. Incorrect or invalid information may lead to the payment being delayed or rejected by the overseas bank. In such cases, because of charges and differences in exchange rates, you may not receive the full amount back.

Some countries and regions may request additional information.

Important notes

You agree that we, or any other member of the HSBC Group, may take whatever action we consider appropriate to meet any obligations, either in that country/region or elsewhere in the world, relating to the prevention of fraud, money laundering and terrorist activity and the provision of financial and other services to persons who may be subject to sanctions. This may include, but is not limited to, investigating and intercepting payments into and out of your account (particularly in the case of international transfer of funds) or investigating the source of or intended recipient of funds. It may also include making enquires to establish whether a person is subject to sanctions. Exceptionally, this may delay the carrying out of your instructions or the receipt of cleared fund, but where possible, we will advise you of the reasons for and likely length of any delay. You agree that neither we, nor any other member of the HSBC Group, shall be responsible to you or any third party for any loss incurred as a result of us or any other member of the HSBC Group taking the actions set out in this paragraph.

HSBC Bank Egypt S.A.E (the "Bank") is required to act in accordance with the laws and regulations operating in various countries and regions around the world relating to international sanctions. Under these sanctions requirements, the Bank is prohibited from engaging in certain transactions. The Bank would only process transactions that are in compliance with applicable sanctions. HSBC Bank Egypt reserves the right to request additional documents from the customer to proceed with the transfer.

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